Saturday, November 28, 2009

Are you ready for the changing business climate?

Are you ready for the changing business climate?

Rate the following questions 1 through 5, 5 being the best

• How will you manage the possibility of increased workload?

• What is your stress level at the moment?

• Have you a positive work / life balance?

• Are you managing your emails in a positive way?

• Do you manage your flexible and fixed tasks, or do they manage you?

• Do you spend enough time deciding and prioritizing when it comes to getting the right task done at the right time?

• Have you a system to handle daily interruptions?

Would you like to gain 40 to 70 productivity minutes per day?

Let me introduce you to our WorkingSm@rt With outlook program
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Priority Management is a global training company teaching people how to increase
Productivity and at the same time reduce stress and gain control over their day.

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