Monday, November 24, 2008

David Anderson - Warren Buffet- Thoughts on Life

YES, there are many challenges in today’s business world for example: Budgets, financing, credit, reduced demand for your product or service etc. Keeping you and your company in the window of opportunity when the business pie becomes smaller there is an automatic need for all business people to increase their skill sets.

“BUT” I still wonder why companies stop training their people when faced with difficult situations.

Business people Like Warren Buffet and his well trained team are out spending, investing knowing these are the times that will propel them further ahead of his competitors for the future. They have a different view on life.

Training within companies during challenging times positions their people out in front during and after an economical slow down.

Due to the time spent in training the company’s success is a direct reflection of the people it employs.
Over many years in the business world I have formed a strong believe that top producing companies flourish when there is an emphasis on well trained employees.

I ran across this great thought about life from Warren Buffett, Please click on the URL to my blog and you will find It at the foot of the current news letter in a Video format

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