Wednesday, May 28, 2008

David Anderrson - Okanagan Training Solutions - The first quarter of 2008 is OVER

David Andereson / Okanagan Training Solutions - Kelowna

The first quarter of 2008 is OVER, did you reach your first quarterly goals or objectives ?

YES ___ NO____
If your answer was NO, did you understand the reasons that kept you from obtaining them?

YES___ NO____

At Priority Management Interior BC we help our clients increase productivity in the areas of
greatest return, Their time. Through our training, graduates learn to manage their workload with less stress and gain control over their day to day activities with a gain of 40-70 minutes

How can you help me achieve my goals?

Through our training we will help you acquire the skills to manage your workload which will allow you to experience less stress, gain back control over their day to day activities and enjoy a Positive Work / Life Balance.

How does your Training method work?

At Priority Management we use a comprehensive system that makes our clients think differently about how they run their business and their lives.

The competitive advantage our clients gain through Priority Management training is based on the unique concept we originated to identify, measure, and improve the performance of individuals, teams and organizations.

This is accomplished by introducing participants to our 8 step program which is broken down into 3 key elements, Decide, Do and Deliver.

If you want positive results for the second quarter of 2008


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