Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Turbulent Times: Threat or Opportunity?

When it rains manna from heaven,
some people put up an umbrella.
Others reach for a big spoon.

ACTION POINT: Get rid of unjustifiable products and activities, set goals to improve productivity, manage growth, and develop your people.
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The manager will have to look at her task and ask, “What must I do to be prepared for danger, for opportunities, and above all for change?”

1.First, this is a time to make sure that your organization is lean and can move fast. So this is when one systematically abandons and sloughs off unjustifiable products and activities – and sees to it that the really important tasks are adequately supported.

2.Second, she will have to work on the most expensive of resources – Time – particularly in areas where it is people’s only resource, as it is for highly paid, important groups such as research workers, technical service staffs, and all managers. And one must set goals for productivity improvement.

3.Third, managers must learn to manage growth and distinguish among kinds of growth. If productivity of your combined resources goes up with growth, it is a healthy growth.

4.Fourth, the development of people will be far more crucial in the years ahead.

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