Wednesday, September 24, 2008

David Anderson - Kelowna - Business Week - Work-Life Balance: How to Get a Life and Do Your Job

Great article in Business Week about Work Life balance that I would like to share with you. David Anderson Okanagan Training Solutions

Work-Life Balance: How to Get a Life and Do Your Job
BusinessWeek readers make it seem possible. Here's how some have succeeded in a balancing act
Edited by Michelle Conlin

There is a species of knowledge worker that seems transcendentally competent when it comes to finessing work-life balance. These are the people of the tidy desks and tidy homes. The work-life super class. They don't skulk in late like the rest of us. They don't wear rumpled clothes, miss deadlines, or weaken before the vending machine. Are these people for real? Is work-life balance achievable? We asked our readers. Some responders groaned that, owing to a hypercompetitive workplace and the race for status, the answer was no. But more disagreed, having found ways to make their lives less chaotic when it comes to juggling what often feels like two full-time jobs. Sanity actually exists, they say. Hallelujah! Now, dear readers, over to you.

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